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About Our Firm

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A smarter approach to Technology for your organization

In 2008, I decided to start a new type of consultancy with a focus on changing the diminished expectations of what technology could truly deliver.

Over the past six years, we've helped everyone from startups to Mom-and-Pop shops to large corporations in everything from developing over 40 web sites, to SEO for a 2MM page site, to completely redoing the technology stack implementing Business Process Management for a large firm and managing international development of multiple Cloud based solutions.

I've spoken in front of dozens of Chambers of Commerce, business organizations and non-profits on topics ranging from social media to Enterprise Development Methodologies.

We've given back by mentoring nearly 30 interns, participating in community festivals, and starting two organizations to help promote the growth of technology in NYC.

Technologies listed on our site aren't a laundry list of what's cool and hip or something we've heard about. We've used them. But, we're also not afraid to try and work with technologies that offer a better fit for the project.

Don't take my word for it. Listen to our clients and partners. Check out some raves. Click over here.

I look forward to working with you.

Jonathan Jaffe,
Founding Owner,

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Steps In Our Consulting Engagements

Assess, Step One

Before we engage, we work closely with our clients to fully assess the situation. What are the goals? priorities? timeline?

Plan, Step Two

Measure twice, cut once. Our planning includes not just the development, but the testing, documentation, and post deployment maintenance.

Execute, Step Three

Great execution is equal parts planning and adaptability. That's why we work using Agile methodology. Work is done in small iterations called Sprints lasting no more than 2 weeks each.
Assess. Plan. Execute.

Additional Areas of Expertise

Cloud-Based Development

From applications to apps, SQL to NoSQL, AWS to Heroku, we architect, develop and manage complex systems running in the Cloud.

Web Sites + Marketing

From developing sophisticated, stunning web sites to determining the best ways to market them, we cater to each client's needs and budget. Sites. SEO. SEM.

VoIP Phone Service

A reach 5 years ago has become the reality today. $25 per phone line per month including every feature.

Datto Backup

Not merely disaster recovery, but a high availability solution, we are an authorized reseller of Datto Backup appliances. A hybrid image + file based solution.

Application Modernization

What critical applications do you have that are over five years old? We help you gently upgrade in place, taking advantage of new tech at a lower TCO.

Web CMS (TerminalFour)

When your site has millions of pages, there's only one CMS up to task. We're please to work closely with TerminalFour to implement large, content-rich sites.


Federal Rule 34 ESI changes shook the world in 2006. Now, new amendments once again require the deep expertise we have been delivering to large litigations.

Development Methodology

Internal development team a mess? We will come in and impose discipline, train on the latest methods, and ensure that they start producing brilliant code.

Welcome to Its-Your-Internet

For over twenty years, I have created applications that scale for businesses ranging from Fortune 100 to Mom-and-Pop. With our team and our partners:

  • Modernize your IT practices
  • Take full advantage of the Cloud
  • Select the right technologies and vendors
  • Realize greater operational efficiencies

"The Cloud is the greatest equalizer of all time for businesses large and small. Now, you can run on multi-million dollar infrastructure without having to invest millions of dollars. You need the right partners. You need the right team. You need the right strategy."

Owner, Jonathan Jaffe

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