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a brief background on our management …

Founding Owner, Jonathan Jaffe

From Fortune 500 companies to small startups, Jonathan Jaffe has specialized in helping build successful businesses through the appropriate application of technology to increase the efficiency of business processes. Starting out in high end consultancies, then moving on to working the other side of the fence as an IT Manager at Weitz & Luxenberg P.C. for over five years, Mr. Jaffe has come back to technology consulting.

A product of the New York City public school system, in his senior year of Stuyvesant High School, the owner of the first Microsoft Professional Consultancy in New York, Valinor Inc., found his experience just what he needed for a joint venture the company was doing with Microsoft for a worldwide rollout of a series of new quotation systems for AIG based upon the recently released Microsoft Office system. For the next five years while also attending Columbia University full time and continuing after that, Mr. Jaffe worked with key clients including AIG, AIU NAD, Berkery, Noyes & Co., College Board, DLJ, Garban Intercapital, IKON Management Services, Maersk Shipping, Matsushita, NYC Department of Technology, Sumitomo Mitsui and Yankee Copyrights Management.

Located in the heart of the financial district, the projects were naturally all mission critical and involved larger budgets. Mr. Jaffe started out as a developer, but went on over the next years to direct multiple project teams, designed and implemented project plans/budgets of full lifecycle line-of-business applications for Fortune 500 clients, and provided Microsoft-specific training courses. He increased the average project value (formerly $100,000 average) 5,000% ($500,000), with an increase in the number of simultaneous projects from a few to over a dozen.

He led an on-site client team at Garban Intercapital in the design and implementation of reengineered key components of a cash derivatives trading system utilized by 60 brokers, developing technology to accelerate information access, and designed a company-wide line of business application, for Berkery, Noyes & Co., that matched companies seeking to sell themselves with potential buyers.

For the College Board, he managed a project team in developing multiple internal/Internet projects, analyzing needs and generating technical specifications, designing technical architecture and migrating internal applications to provide the College Board with the ability to gather annual information through the Internet for all United States accredited colleges and universities.

He also conducted multiple technical courses on and off-site (including on active trading floors) for high profile clients. Mr. Jaffe designed, developed and implemented a comprehensive, user-friendly application for a multinational bank to monitor, track and handle all transactions and interest calculations for a $6 billion per year transfer of high risk loans.

While at Valinor, which was subsequently acquired by IKON Office Solutions, Mr. Jaffe became a Certified Microsoft Trainer. One year after graduating magna cum laude from Columbia University, Mr. Jaffe became the Acting Director of Technology at Winstar Communications Web Development Group, also in New York.

At Winstar, Mr. Jaffe directed a team of 17 technical professionals (technical managers, developers, site builders, quality assurance and systems engineers), managing full project lifecycle for six and seven digit budgets, overseeing product and staff development and creating strategic plans/vision for enhancing the group efficiency/visibility and improving business development efforts.

For the team, he increased average project value (formerly $50,000 average) 10,000% ($5 million), with an increase in the number of simultaneous projects and a 2,000% increase in average project budget. Mr. Jaffe streamlined internal policies and procedures, codifying methodology standards for increased efficiency. He improved methods and channels for tracking and qualifying leads, and substantively improved group abilities to pursue and implement simultaneous multi-million dollar projects.

He liaised successfully with other Winstar divisions to promote joint sales leads development, product development and resource sharing, resulting in improved sales and project coordination. He negotiated with key vendors and strategic partners, providing project management (technical direction, architecture/project design and implementation oversight) for all multi-million dollar projects including the first million dollar project for the group. Finally he led Winstar team on a $50 million proposal for the New York City Board of Education, coordinating between internal divisions and external partners (Sun, Oracle, Lucent, Microsoft, Compaq).

For a short while after leaving Winstar, Mr. Jaffe started his first company with two partners, the IMJ Group, but soon afterward newly engaged, he could not afford to wait for it to succeed, and joined Weitz & Luxenberg P.C., a large personal injury firm on Wall Street.

For five years at Weitz & Luxenberg, as the Manager of Software Development, Mr. Jaffe was responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars of transactions related to legal settlements, the firm's Internet site, supporting 350 users on custom developed enterprise application with Accounting, Document Management, Court Document Filing, Settlement, Bankruptcy, Estate, Lien, Medical, and Contact Management modules, and twenty direct reports

He increased overall system performance 500% with a corresponding 75% reduction in system downtime, implemented strict quality control standards, a change management system, and active error monitoring and expanded and physically consolidated the team.

During that time, Mr. Jaffe for two years was an adjunct professor at Columbia University's School of Continuing Education, teaching courses in both development and database design. Even at Weitz & Luxenberg, Mr. Jaffe got broad industry recognition, with two Microsoft case studies [1] written on his unique use of Web Services, and a partnership with FedEx to co-design and develop a shared Enterprise Shipping solution.

Mr. Jaffe brought the firm's Internet site from a site of only a few pages and even fewer visitors to the most visited personal injury law firm on the Internet with over two million pages and organic Search Engine Optimization that put the firm's site in the top rankings on over 750,000 unique searches. Mr. Jaffe worked with dozens of other law firms to coordinate large scale eDiscovery efforts, winning a sanctions judgement against a large defendant, serving as an expert witness in Federal court, and the technical representative of a conglomerate of various plaintiff firms in a national case before a Special Master.

In April of 2008, Jonathan Jaffe opened the doors of His vision is clean and simple. He started a consultancy out of a retail space, where the mores of the traditional office environment are inverted, and high end consulting services become more accessible to more people, especially entrepreneurs. Mr. Jaffe and his wife strive to deliver the same high level degree of service, but at an even better value. He has assembled a qualified team, and has codified a series of procedures that make the success of each project predictable.

Mr. Jaffe has had the pleasure of speaking at numerous civic, government, educational and charitable organizations:

Chambers of Commerce

  • Greater NY Chamber of Commerce
  • Forest Hills Chamber of Commerce
  • Franklin Square Chamber of Commerce
  • Medford Chamber of Commerce
  • Rockville Centre Chamber of Commerce
  • Oceanside Chamber of Commerce
  • BRiSC - the Unofficial Silicon Alley Chamber of Commerce

Small Business Administration

  • USSBA (March 2010)
  • USSBA (April 2010)
  • USSBA (May 2010)

Business Groups and Organizations

  • Independent Business Women's Group
  • Associated Builders & Contractors – Lower NY State
  • Associated Builders & Contractors – Nassau/Suffolk
  • East End Women's Network

Charities and Non-Profits

  • Northport Rotary
  • Kiwanis International

Continuing Education

  • Columbia University – School of Continuing Education – adjunct professor
  • Locust Valley Adult Education
  • College of New Rochelle – Graduate Program
  • College of New Rochelle – Graduate Program

Mr. Jaffe is a member of these organizations:

  • BRiSC - the Unofficial Silicon Alley Chamber of Commerce
  • Forest Hills Chamber of Commerce (FHCC)
  • B'nai Avraham Network Group (BANG)
  • Business Growth Network (BGN) [2008-2010]
  • Numerous Technology Meetups and Groups


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Steps In Our Consulting Engagements

Assess, Step One

Before we engage, we work closely with our clients to fully assess the situation. What are the goals? priorities? timeline?

Plan, Step Two

Measure twice, cut once. Our planning includes not just the development, but the testing, documentation, and post deployment maintenance.

Execute, Step Three

Great execution is equal parts planning and adaptability. That's why we work using Agile methodology. Work is done in small iterations called Sprints lasting no more than 2 weeks each.
Assess. Plan. Execute.

Additional Areas of Expertise

Cloud-Based Development

From applications to apps, SQL to NoSQL, AWS to Heroku, we architect, develop and manage complex systems running in the Cloud.

Web Sites + Marketing

From developing sophisticated, stunning web sites to determining the best ways to market them, we cater to each client's needs and budget. Sites. SEO. SEM.

VoIP Phone Service

A reach 5 years ago has become the reality today. $25 per phone line per month including every feature.

Datto Backup

Not merely disaster recovery, but a high availability solution, we are an authorized reseller of Datto Backup appliances. A hybrid image + file based solution.

Application Modernization

What critical applications do you have that are over five years old? We help you gently upgrade in place, taking advantage of new tech at a lower TCO.

Web CMS (TerminalFour)

When your site has millions of pages, there's only one CMS up to task. We're please to work closely with TerminalFour to implement large, content-rich sites.


Federal Rule 34 ESI changes shook the world in 2006. Now, new amendments once again require the deep expertise we have been delivering to large litigations.

Development Methodology

Internal development team a mess? We will come in and impose discipline, train on the latest methods, and ensure that they start producing brilliant code.

Welcome to Its-Your-Internet

For over twenty years, I have created applications that scale for businesses ranging from Fortune 100 to Mom-and-Pop. With our team and our partners:

  • Modernize your IT practices
  • Take full advantage of the Cloud
  • Select the right technologies and vendors
  • Realize greater operational efficiencies

"The Cloud is the greatest equalizer of all time for businesses large and small. Now, you can run on multi-million dollar infrastructure without having to invest millions of dollars. You need the right partners. You need the right team. You need the right strategy."

Owner, Jonathan Jaffe

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