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Based on numerous recommendations from professionals in our industry, we hired to revamp our strategic marketing material and website. We were very impressed with the level of intelligence and talent of the team, who had no problem understanding a long menu of complex technical solutions offered by our company. They've delivered a new, fresh approach to our marketing strategies and material. We have received many compliments and amazing feedback from recent trade show attendees on our "new face." Our booth artwork and comprehensive info packets ensured that we stood out from the rest of the crowd. It is our pleasure to recommend

Irena Reznik President at Avantgarde Group, EVP at Vocal IP Networx

We've hired the It's Your Internet team for both Sharepoint application development and the more abstract aspects of our firms SEO needs. Both times they delivered; simple as that! Over a year later, they are still there, supporting us when we need a new application feature, are moving systems around or just need help getting to the bottom of a vexing problem.

Scott Dare IT Director, EisnerLubin LLP

After initially designing my site, I was happy to find the staff at IYI was just as accommodating as Jonathan was, lending patience and supervision as I tried to navigate the updating of data to my scheduling pages. With everyone's help, I'm able to manage and post new information effortlessly.

Sam Adelman Producer/ Artistic Director at Paradox Smoke Productions

Jon was one of the most professional clients I had the pleasure to do business with. He has the ability to clearly communicate complex issues in terms that both IT experts and those not highly IT literate can understand. Jon's even keel demeanor creates a highly productive work environment that allows for many parties that may have various agendas to thrive and ultimately achieve beneficial outcomes. I highly recommend Jon as a business parter that you can trust.

Brad Evans Corporate Account Manager, FedEx Services

Jonathan and I worked on a BPM project a while ago, and I have to say he runs a very tight ship in his company. He's very professional, and thinks very creatively and out of box. As a manager, he runs his company very well and takes care of his employees, but I also have to say that he's very familiar with latest technologies and standards and is not afraid of getting his hands on development.
I truly enjoyed working with him as every time we discussed work related topics, I always learned something new.

Maz Mohammadi Principal Solution Architect, Progress Software delivers much more than Web sites and Internet support — they are a technology company. Our firm was looking for a custom-designed mailing list database / CRM solution that would pull information from two existing database sources to create and update marketing lists. Jonathan Jaffe and his team delivered a very user-friendly program built on a Sharepoint platform that is serving us well. Jonathan is solutions-oriented and a pleasure to work with. He is a resourceful quick study who offered valuable suggestions into the project's design for increased functionality. He is patient when answering questions from and training non-technical people, and very responsive to phone calls and emails, including keeping his clients informed during the course of the project.

Robert Orr Director of Marketing, EisnerLubin, LLP

Jonathan is a unique professional. He is beyond expert in building/improving websites for all types of businesses, organizations or individuals. And, he personally gets involved with all of his clients. I have heard only great things about client results, including those where I have been personally involved. And, as a client of his mentioned to me last night, Jonathan is very likeable. Great combination: expert caliber results, done by someone people enjoy working with.

Andrew Dimond Senior Account Executive, Posner Advertising

Jonathan is an extremely talented, skilled and brilliant software developer, social media guru, and has a fierce passion for helping others. Jonathan has always exceeded the expectations of all his clients. He has developed solutions to some of the most challenging problems that one could encounter in this industry. From server back-end solutions to the simple web front-end, Jonathan is meticulous about perfection and presentation. My only wish is that I could have worked with him more because he is a true expert in his domain. I would recommend to everyone, over and over again. (In fact, when I have a problem to which a solution doesn't seem to exist, I consult with Jonathan and he has never failed to provide the best possible solution in the shortest amount of time.)

Atir Javid Chief Technology Officer, Sky Social Media, Inc.

Jonathan is a strategic thinker who has a genuine passion for, and belief in, the work he is doing. He has a broad range of both technical and analytical skills that he brings to bear. I have no doubt that working with Jonathan would be a value added proposition for any business.

Michael Dinowitz Partner, Ellenoff Grossman & Schole LLP

I have worked with Jonathan and everyone who I have recommended him to has personally thanked me for connecting them to him. He is a person of high integrity, he is an expert on web design, and he is very personable. That is a winning combination.

Erica Prince President, The Professional Speaker's Bureau, Inc.

Jonathan is a true professional with very high standards. He is extremely knowledgeable and patient with his clients, taking the time to explain in as much detail as necessary. Jonathan has referred us some of his most important clients and we've enjoyed working with them. They reflect the same attributes about him that I've described here.

David Goldberg President and CVO, Digital Waterworx Corporate Communication Production

Jonathan is innovative and creative. He takes projects very seriously and delivers above most expectations. IYI produces on time and on budget with incredible results. Jonathan and his team of experts go beyond their contractual obligations. Jonathan is an outstanding individual with the ability to see your vision and make it reality. His leadership and take charge qualities are transparent through the devotion of his team. Highly recommended.

Aaron Ghermezian Founder/ Managing Partner,

Jonathan is a very smart entrepreneur who is on his way up. I admire him for his keen business sense and deep technical expertise. He is also extremely personable and always willing to help/advise.

Kiran Modukuri Vice President, Citi Group

Jonathan Jaffe is perfection personified. With him, the quality of the work is guaranteed. Promptness and quality distinguish him from others.

Aravinda Gunda Director of IT, L'Avenir Hues, LLC

Jonathan's effective leadership skills became evident early on during his tenure at Weitz and Luxenberg. Jonathan quickly gained everyone's respect as a knowledgeable and astute addition to the team. Jonathan successfully managed the transition of a live database to a new platform. He was able to get the job done in time, within budget, and with minimal impact to the users.

David Tuck President, Level Data, Inc.

It is a pleasure writing this recommendation for Jonathan Jaffe. In the months that I've interacted with Jonathan, I've found him to be extremely client-focused, and he runs on that premise. Using his resources wisely, he is able to offer customized solutions for his clients while keeping their budgets on track. Few people can combine both technical and interpersonal expertise but Jonathan has this talent—his sincerity and personal integrity shine through in every interaction.Jonathan always manages to astound me with his intelligence and resourcefulness, which allow him to come up with truly amazing solutions to exciting new challenges.

Dominick Grasso Vice President, Goldman Sachs

I had the pleasure of working with Jonathan as part of a multi-company effort to respond to a very large RFP. Jonathan was the "point-person" for this effort. He adeptly managed the collaboration of five companies. He provided insight into the RFP in accordance with each company's respective perspective. He managed timelines efficiently.He managed differences in recommended responses diplomatically and professionally. I would recommend Jonathan to lead any RFP effort. I will employ him whenever possible to assist me and my organization with large and/or strategic opportunities.

Mary Glenn Business Development Manager, Systems Evolution, Inc.

Jonathan did a remarkable job coordinating work across a handful of vendors, including my firm. He's one of those uncommon people whose intellect, attitude and work ethic are all in the top tier.

Greg Juros, PMP Technology Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP

I had the pleasure of working with Jonathan as a web developer.Jonathan is extremely results-driven,hardworking and dedicated to his business. He is quite approachable and constantly tries to bring out the very best in his employees.He has taken the technology to a whole new level by being creative and has built very beautiful websites for his clients.

Rekha Modukuri SharePoint consultatnt

Jonathan is a bright and well spoken individual. When I look for an I.T. partner, I'm not just looking for someone that knows their stuff, but more importantly, someone that can not only craft a strategic plan, but also someone that can explain the do's and don'ts and how they apply to my application.

Mark Schwartz, Owner, Schwartz & Assoc., LLC

Jonathan is a pleasure to work with. He puts his heart into his work. That combined with high professionalism and excellent social skills results in great final product.

Ia Elua Clinical Supervisor, Jewish Board of Family & Children's Services

Jonathan has a remarkable talent for melding together coalitions and technology to solve complex problems in innovative ways. He has absolutely no fear of rolling up his sleeves, or attempting things that would seem highly improbable at the outset.

Elizabeth Charnock Chief Executive Officer, Cataphora

Jonathan teamed up with Computer Divas to help enhance the business, demonstrating an incredible initiative and strong dedication to getting projects done. He worked hard to build authentic relationships with other companies. Jonathan exhibits many of the qualities that are essential to helping businesses grow.

Mary Spencer Owner, Computer Divas, LLC

Jonathan Jaffe is an experienced web designer and computer technician who knows the ins and outs of the internet software required to design and build any website, regardless of scope or complication. Jonathan is very reasonable and understands the financial reality of his clients, and works with them to get them the product they desire, at or under their budget.

Eric M. Norcross Primary Owner / Chief Media Producer, Norcross Media, LLC

Jon is a rock star. Every company should highly consider doing business with him, as they would be lucky to have him on their side!

Mike Lugassy Technical Partner Manager, NetApp

Jonathan was highly recommended to me by my good friend Barry Levine. Barry is one of the owners of MCG Computer Consulting in NYC. Jonathon is helping me enter into the Internet world and explains it in such a way that is easy to understand.

Matthew Fusco President, Heycoach, LLC

Jonathan Jaffe, without any question in my mind, is a superior technician and highly creative in the Internet process. I have been fortunate to bee introduced to Jonathan by a colleague of mine, Aaron Etra, who also appears as an advisor on my new website created by Jonathan and me, And going forward in promoting and further building my customer base in IR. and M&A services, there will be no need for The Haft Group to look further than Jonathan and his team.

Herb Haft, Owner, The Haft Group, Inc.

Jonathan is simply one of the most knowledgeable technology people I have met in my 30 year career. He has the rare ability to communicate complex computer concepts to technical people and very non-technical people equally as well. He is exceptional at coming up with creative solutions to problems that are both practical and cost effective. I would highly recommend him equally to work on projects from simple web sites to large software development projects.

Barry Levine Principal, Microcomputer Consulting Group, Inc.

As the Software Development Manager at Weitz and Luxenberg, Jonathan and I worked together to streamline the firm's document management and image repository. His extensive knowledge in SQL programming helped to identify ways of capturing enormous amounts of information and associate cients' document images to them in a streamlined backend system. It even allowed the users to populate client accounts through a "drag n drop" methodology. All this contributed to the firm's ongoing Paperless initiative.

Shawn Curwen Manager of Office Services, Weitz & Luxenberg, P.C.

Jonathan is, in a word—brilliant—both in his understanding and his execution. We worked together on a huge products liability case. Jonathan was always on time and kept everyone, from lawyers to vendors, on point. He is a great person to work with in high pressure situations—always keeping his eye on the prize. I highly recommend him.

John Martin Co-founder, ESI Standards Group

Jonathan is one of the most intelligent people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His level of knowledge regarding I.T. infrastructures is amazing, and his understanding of the use of technology to assist in the discovery phase of litigation is unsurpassed. I worked on a project with Jonathan in which he had to testify as an expert witness in a large and complex multi-district Federal litigation, and his testimony was invaluable in resolving a discovery dispute favorably for his firm. Jonathan is a true professional when it comes to all aspects of his business dealings. I feel very confident when working with Jonathan that he will identify the most efficient and cost effective technological solutions available, tailored to meet his clients needs for each specific matter.

Joe Bartolo e-Discovery Advisor, SRM Legal

In the time that I worked with Jonathan at Weitz & Luxenberg, he demonstrated a superior knowledge of the Internet, search engine optimization, and all types of development projects. I wholeheartedly recommend him and believe he would be an asset to any Web-related undertaking.

Karen Iris Tucker Writer-Editor and SEO Expert,

Jonathan is a very ambitious leader who aims beyond what others think is possible and has the vision and knowledge to get it done. Under his direction went from being obscure to having top rankings in the firm's areas of specialty. His architecture for a document management and workflow systems formed a backbone for managing several litigation areas. Jonathan is a top-notch professional and I would not bet against any team that he leads.

Mikhail Akhmeteli AVP, Jefferies & Company, Inc.

Jonathan was truly an asset to the Weitz and Luxenberg Development Team. He is extremely dedicated and always willing to share his wealth of technical knowledge. He is missed, but it's great to see him following his dream of owning his own business.

Rachel Leonard Systems Analyst, Kent School

Jonathan is one of those colleagues who always gets it long before anyone else in the room, no matter what 'it' is. He's beyond cutting edge when it comes to technology and development, is clever and resourceful, and handles obstacles with innovative thought and unique solutions. Strongly recommended.

Liz Keller Strategy Director, TH_NK

Jonathan has an amazing grasp on the Internet and its industry. Not only did he give a real web presence to a fledgling site, but he was able to manage an entire team and compartmentalize the functions of employees to efficiently get results.

Robin Schwartz SEO Strategist, Zeta Interactive

Jonathan is a dedicated professional who consistently puts people first. He has a thorough understanding of both business and technology and uses this to deliver best of breed solutions to clients. Jonathan and Its-Your-Internet have a bright future ahead of them!

Paul Conroy Developer, Newsweek

Jonathan is one of the smartest people I have had the pleasure to work with. He is also a hard worker but always maintained a good sense of humor even at the most stressful times. In addition to Jonathan's intelligence and work ethic, he remains one of the most well informed people I have met. You can converse witih Jonathan on anything from the "usual" sports and politics to religions and world history. I consider myself lucky to not only have worked with Jonathan, but to call him my friend.

Eric Rintell Director, Avanade

Jonathan is a detailed oriented programmer who works fast and efficiently. He takes to new technology and is always expanding his horizons. He speaks well and communicates well with non-technical people.

Keith Lubell Chief Technology Officer, Berkery, Noyes, & Co., LLC

I worked with Jonathan about ten years ago at a Microsoft Partner called Valinor (later IKON Office Solutions). We were on a team of application developers. Jonathan  knew more about application development than most people I've come across since then - and I'm a staffing sales manager today, so I meet a lot of IT folks on a daily basis. It's an understatement to say he quite an impression on me. I have no doubt Jonathan is doing a good job for his current customers, like he always has. I would recommend him to anyone who's looking for a smart guy who can solve problems.

David Marceau VP of Operations, Ridgefield One

Jonathan has remained in contact and has proven himself and his company to be a valuable networking resource for me and my work. He has connected me to people that I would not otherwise have the opportunity to meet.
Jonathan has a creative and open-minded approach to solving clients' marketing and branding needs. He's ahead of the curve, and he utilizes and integrates the most advanced technology. He has always produced the desired results for me and my clients, and I recommend him highly.

Ettie Steg hired Jonathan as a IT Consultant in 2008, and hired Jonathan more than once

Working for Jon is life changing. Not only did he provide valuable life lessons, he helped me re-discover my confidence. Jon's extensive experience in multiple industries, ranging from legal, insurance, to marketing made him a valuable mentor. His ability to multi-task and attention to details is unrivaled. I would recommend anyone who has the drive and aptitude to intern at his firm.

Qin Cheng Chen Junior Software Developer Internship,

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Steps In Our Consulting Engagements

Assess, Step One

Before we engage, we work closely with our clients to fully assess the situation. What are the goals? priorities? timeline?

Plan, Step Two

Measure twice, cut once. Our planning includes not just the development, but the testing, documentation, and post deployment maintenance.

Execute, Step Three

Great execution is equal parts planning and adaptability. That's why we work using Agile methodology. Work is done in small iterations called Sprints lasting no more than 2 weeks each.
Assess. Plan. Execute.

Additional Areas of Expertise

Cloud-Based Development

From applications to apps, SQL to NoSQL, AWS to Heroku, we architect, develop and manage complex systems running in the Cloud.

Web Sites + Marketing

From developing sophisticated, stunning web sites to determining the best ways to market them, we cater to each client's needs and budget. Sites. SEO. SEM.

VoIP Phone Service

A reach 5 years ago has become the reality today. $25 per phone line per month including every feature.

Datto Backup

Not merely disaster recovery, but a high availability solution, we are an authorized reseller of Datto Backup appliances. A hybrid image + file based solution.

Application Modernization

What critical applications do you have that are over five years old? We help you gently upgrade in place, taking advantage of new tech at a lower TCO.

Web CMS (TerminalFour)

When your site has millions of pages, there's only one CMS up to task. We're please to work closely with TerminalFour to implement large, content-rich sites.


Federal Rule 34 ESI changes shook the world in 2006. Now, new amendments once again require the deep expertise we have been delivering to large litigations.

Development Methodology

Internal development team a mess? We will come in and impose discipline, train on the latest methods, and ensure that they start producing brilliant code.

Welcome to Its-Your-Internet

For over twenty years, I have created applications that scale for businesses ranging from Fortune 100 to Mom-and-Pop. With our team and our partners:

  • Modernize your IT practices
  • Take full advantage of the Cloud
  • Select the right technologies and vendors
  • Realize greater operational efficiencies

"The Cloud is the greatest equalizer of all time for businesses large and small. Now, you can run on multi-million dollar infrastructure without having to invest millions of dollars. You need the right partners. You need the right team. You need the right strategy."

Owner, Jonathan Jaffe

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